Behind the Lens.

Or, About Me.

I'm a coast-to-coast girl--born on the East Coast, raised in the Midwest, and married to a West Coast guy!  I am practical and organized, and I love getting to know people on a personal level.  I notice the details, from the rays of the sun peeking out behind a cloud to the sweep of eyelashes across a sleeping baby's cheek.

My sweetheart and I have four sons, and we're still in love.  :)

Having owned a camera as far back as I can remember, I ventured into the digital world in early 2009 with my Canon EOS 40D, which I named Ellie.  (Silly, I know.)  Today, besides Ellie, I have Annie, a beautiful Canon EOS 60D, and Bella, my amazing full-frame Canon EOS 6D.

My passion for detail spurs me to capture all the fleeting moments of life, both mine and yours, and my perfectionism helps to make those captured images beautiful.  I can't wait to get to work creating beautiful memories for you!


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