Published on March 15, 2015.

Broadcast communications industry.  Satellite communications.  Military applications.  High Powered Amplifier repair and service.  SNG trucks.  These used to be foreign terms to me, but now they're pretty commonplace.  My husband Fernando has been in this industry for over two dozen years, and he recently branched out on his own.

His new company, SSRS, was launched recently, and I had the privilege of contributing digital images to the company for marketing use.  Fernando had a satellite truck (SNG) parked in our driveway at various times, so we took the opportunity to create some digital photography for his company.

Here are the results, and I'm sure as the company continues to garner attention and become more and more profitable, I'll be adding to this gallery!

Enjoy these images, which highlight an industry's background that is usually unseen--the guys behind the scenes working to make a news broadcast, a sports game, a music concert, and more, possible.


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