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Posted on March 24, 2014.

This day was the whole reason I flew to Texas!  Never mind that there were other benefits--warm weather in February, close friends to see after long absences...  I was here for the wedding!

The weather was blessedly cooperative for this outdoor wedding, which was held on a true Texas ranch--the main house situated on beautiful acreage, farm animals roaming within the fence line, an open barn, and a wide open grassy area complete with an altar for the ceremony.  Everything was perfect for the beautiful wedding of David and Stephanie, the daughter of my big "sister" (in everything but blood!).

I say that we were blessed with weather in the low 70s, because exactly a week later, these folks were experiencing rain, sleet and snow!  I can't imaging an outdoor wedding with all that coming down from the sky!

I was tickled beyond words that I could photograph this beautiful wedding in my favorite style of photojournalism!  As a guest, I was perfectly able to shoot the wedding from the eyes of--well, a guest!  From pre-wedding activity and guest arrivals, to decorations, the ceremony, and the reception, I was able to capture the day moment by moment, while allowing the official photographers to capture not only their own candid images, but the more formal poses that are also treasured by bride and groom.

Enjoy this wedding story, as seen through the eyes of a guest.

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