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Published on July 10, 2014.

Every week, summer after summer, I love visiting my local farmers market.  I love to talk to vendors, find out about their wares, and listen to their stories.  I love unique and interesting items (I'm a sucker for pottery), farm-fresh meat and vegetables, and freshly baked sweets.

I met Channa of HerBakery one year, and each week, I stopped by her booth to purchase a treat for me, or for Thomas, who would usually accompany me--because what teenage boy would turn down food for his service of running purchases to the car to stash in the cooler?!

I've written about Channa before, because I had done some food photography for her last year.  This summer, she wanted more images for her website, since she had expanded her product line, and I was happy to oblige.


Channa wanted pictures of her cookies, so she packed up a bag for me to take home.  I didn't doctor the cookies in any way, but took pictures of them in their natural states.  Do you know what that meant?  It meant we could eat them once I was done shooting them!

  • 14-07-31_6365
  • 14-07-31_6370

Isn't Channa beautiful?  She is as beautiful on the inside, too.  I truly enjoyed helping her create a beautiful and mouth-watering website to entice her customers!

Do you have a website?  I would love to make it look beautiful, with amazing photos of your products or services!  Give me a call and let's get to work!!

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