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Published on May 26, 2014.

Crossroads Crusaders high school football team is a great bunch of guys, working and playing hard at the game of football.  I became the team's official photographer this year and dove into the world of sports photography!

Every spring, the team puts on a Strength Conditioning Challenge, in which current and prospective players show each other what they've got in various contests.

First, the guys get weighed and measured, then listen to a pre-season talk from Coach B.  Afterwards, they break up into sections to rotate through the various challenges.

When you get this much testosterone in one place, you have to watch out for not only the sweat and stink of teenage guys (not a place you'd want to linger, trust me), but also the bravado, smack talk, and cheering tossed around like so many footballs.


It's funny how you can place little orange cones in the field, and guys will go all out running back and forth, tagging the cones with a quick turnaround back home to try to get the fastest time.

The long jump was great to watch, and no less competitive.  Some of these guys have the technique down and can really jump--for both the long and the high jump.


And then there's that tire.  Not just an ordinary tire.  You have to stare it down, and then you're ready to squat down, lift it, and flip it over.  Three times.

I put my camera down to try it.  I was so proud of myself--I actually did it once!  Oh, I probably should mention that two other ladies and I flipped the tire together.  I still felt accomplished.  :)


After the tire challenge, there was more running.  And more running.  Sprints, then a three-mile run.  Doesn't sound like much, but those guys went all out in the sprints, and really had to push themselves for the three-mile.

They wrapped the competition up with a plank challenge, then a squat challenge.  Both were judged based on the amount of time holding the position, so there was lots of smack talk going on, all in good fun.


Of course, the day's activities ended with a meal and informal awards ceremony.

The guys worked so hard and had so much fun.  And so did I!

There were so many great moments; you'll have to grab your Gatorade and sit through the slideshow below!


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