Published on August 13, 2014.


I couldn't have picked a better week to visit Lake Bonaparte!  Free plane ticket, bus fare paid for by a friend who bought my home-canned jalapenos (!!), car ride from town to the lake provided by my brother, and a surprise for my mom on her 75th birthday.  Not only that, but the weather was beautiful; in fact, my dad told me that the week I was up there was the best week the entire summer had seen!  I was blessed.

I also also blessed because the Miller family was celebrating 100 years on the Lake, and I was, of course, invited.  Neighbors of my parents and the original Jackson cottage, the Millers have been familiar faces to us for forever, and they were delighted to have me do event photography for their special event!

Since my shooting this event was last-minute, I used what gear I had brought, minus my macro lens.  I had really wanted to shoot with that lens, since one of the daughters-in-law had made some amazingly awesome cupcakes for the feast.  I did my best with my professional all-purpose lens, and I think I captured the revelry just fine, don't you think?

There was a nice crowd throughout the afternoon and evening, and a singing group played and sang for us, with various ensembles and solos.  The evening ended after dark, when we all regrouped to watch their fireworks show--shooting off from the boathouse and from on the lake.


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