Published on August 18, 2014.

A hot August day is a typical day for high school football summer practice.  And before the guys practice is the best time for taking portrait pictures!  It all boils down to one word:  SWEAT.  Ew.  'Nuff said.

This practice was a special one, and not just for the portraits.  The team had just acquired new uniforms--blue and gold--to replace the deep red of previous years.  They got to wear them for portraits, obviously.  And then they got to practice in full uniform.  The guys were definitely stoked!

"Assembly line" is an apt description for this type of group portrait session.  But lest you think it's mechanical and boring, think again.  These guys were teasing each other, heckling and sharing typical sports team camaraderie as they knelt by the helmet and either smiled or displayed their tough looks for my camera.

Group portrait sessions are a fast-paced phenomenon, and this one was no different--individual player portraits, then head shots of each (later turned into both color and black and white images for publication), then sibling groups, then the coaches, and finally--the TEAM SHOT.

  • 14-08-16_7980
  • 14-08-16_8014
  • 14-08-16_8028
  • 14-08-16_8043

Of all the images, the black and white head shots were definitely the most tough-looking.  That's because these would be published in the game brochures, made available for fans and foes.  So, of course they needed to put on their game faces!

  • 14-08-16_8056
  • 14-08-16_8080
  • 14-08-16_8046
  • 14-08-16_8089

Do you know how hard it is to get three coaches and 19 players assembled for a team portrait?  Yeah.  Here it is.  :)


Then the fun part:  the GOOFY shot.  Trust me, teenage guys (I had four of them once) can be goofy to the extreme.  Plus the coaches?  Yep, it was a goofy shot.


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