Posted on May 7, 2014.

What an incredible time I had documenting this homeschool math team which qualified for the ICTM Illinois state math tournament at U. of I.!  Being on the campus was amazing; it was also a bit overwhelming seeing thousands of high school students roaming the square on their way to and from individual and team competitions.

There was a lot of waiting going on while the students were taking their tests in the various competitions--that was the hardest part!  It gave me the chance to wander the campus to "see what I could see" through my camera lens (but that's another post!).

I got to click my shutter again and again during the awards ceremony--this math team may be small, but they packed a punch at awards time, even earning 5th place overall as a team!  Way to go, Alpha Omega!!

  • 14-05-03_0815
  • 14-05-03_0822
  • 14-05-03_0953
  • 14-05-03_0955
  • 14-05-03_0980
  • 14-05-03_1015
  • 14-05-03_1045
  • 14-05-03_1087

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