I'm so very excited to start offering print art to my clients, and now to you if you're visiting here for the first time!

In my spare time, when I'm not photographing babies, children, and other clients, I love to take my camera with me wherever I go and shoot whatever it is that I'm enjoying. Sometimes the destination is just to my own back yard vegetable garden, and sometimes it's to places just a little more exotic (try Paris, France!!!).

Whatever the destination, I've probably taken a picture or two there. I
show off these "off-hour" images on my off-hours blog, but I also wanted to make them available to others, whether it's simply for enjoyment, or for print art for your home or business, or even digital art for your website!

Here are some highlights of animal images I've taken which you can find in the All About Animals print art gallery. Enjoy the slideshow!

You can also click here to go to my Print Art main page and have fun browsing all the different categories I've created for you.
German shepherd, father and son.
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