Oh, the joy of doing a newborn photography session! I was so very super-duper excited to meet little A, this beautiful baby boy just eleven days old.

We had a shortened session because Mr. A thought that he should be awake to see what was going on! Hmm, for some reason babies love to do that with me. ;)

In reality, Mr. A was on the extreme edge of being a good little newborn
session candidate. In my photography world, the first ten days of life are ideal for a portrait session. But when are circumstances ever ideal? And the few images I got of this little guy are so precious!

I also had the happy privilege of including Mr. A's happy, chatty, goofy, and altogether beautiful siblings in a few shots.

Neatest "grandma practice" of all was reading a storybook to little Miss A, the two-year-old, at the end!! (I don't charge extra for that!)
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