Typically, schools offer student portraits in each grade. But when students graduate, whether as 8th graders or high school seniors, they want their portraits to be unique and extra-special, not those typical cookie-cutter blue-background school portraits.

Many students in smaller private schools and home schools don't even have the luxury of school portraits. Plus, these same students may have the added frustration of settling for "mediocre" because of budget constraints. But, they have options, and I'm happy to offer one to them!

Enter the group portrait session.

Whether you're a student or a parent or school administrator looking for
a unique and affordable option for student/school portraits, you've just found one. :)

Whether it's a small group of students pooling their money for a session, or a school organization coordinating portraits for their students, I can create a unique and affordable session for you!

Rrecently, I put together a flexible option for a local homeschool support group. This option included two session dates, a variety of poses (both individual and group), and affordable print packages. Yeah, we also included some "goofy" poses to break up the monotony of smiling for the camera. These students were a blast to work with!
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