Every Thursday afternoon over the past several summers, I've looked forward to purchasing a treat or two from Channa of HerBakery at my local farmers market. What a shock to discover that she had no images of her awesome yumminess when it came time to decorate her website!

So, when Channa hired me to take photos of her amazing treats and goodies, I chomped at the bit. :)

I shot most of these images right at her farmers market booth the very next week. We had beautiful weather and light, but that almost didn't matter--her food would look amazing no matter how I shot it!
I also had the opportunity to "sneak in" to the Chamber of Commerce event for which she catered the desserts, and in which she was recognized as their newest member!

It was a treat creating beautiful images for Channa's website. Sorry about all the food puns. Actually, I'm not. ;)

Visit HerBakery.

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