Crusaders Homecoming 9/28 | Sports Photography - ceeanne
As the now-official team photographer for the Crossroads Crusaders, I knew that their homecoming game would be a pretty big deal. Not only was this the first year they would have home games (thanks to Aurora Christian Academy for the use of their amazing football field!), but they would also have this special homecoming game.

Players put on a media blitz, via email, Facebook and other social media, to get as many family and friends as possible to pack the stands to cheer them on. And it worked--the stands were filled with rabid football fans and team supporters!

Before the National Anthem and coin toss, senior players honored their parents by presenting roses to their moms and walking them onto the
field as their names were announced. That was sure special to see those tough football guys escorting their proud parents!

The West Suburban Homeschool Band came out to play for the team and fans, and their halftime music was a great experience. They even provided between-play "rah-rah" music!

I stayed busy clicking away from the moment I arrived to the very end of the game, when the team gathered for encouraging words and a prayer from Coach C, the head coach.

I sifted through over 1,000 images to come up with a few favorites to highlight here for you!
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