Let me just say that I am not a sports photographer. It is a completely different ball game than my passion of portrait photography.

With that pun being said, I became this this team's photographer, first unofficially, then officially. And I've learned a thing or two about sports photography.

First, I know (make that knew) next to nothing about sports photography. The techniques really are different, and I've had to learn to follow the play ("Where'd the ball go?"), and to change settings on my camera to effectively capture the action. Oh, and I have to remember to change them back for my next portrait session!
Second, I need more gear. I have a 70-300mm telephoto lens that I bought along with my first camera, but that lens is just not making the cut when it comes to shooting these games.

Finally, I have to get images edited and up as quickly as I can. If I take more than, say, three days to get them into an online gallery, I start getting Facebook messages and texts from the kids: "When are you going to post pictures?" "Did you get any good pictures from last week's game?" "How long do you think it'll take to get the images up?"

Yeah, that last lesson learned is the most rewarding one of all--as long as I get those images done!!
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