Alpha Omega Math Club | Event Photography - ceeanne

In these photoblog posts, I always write that I was privileged, or excited, to photograph the particular event.  I hate to be redundant, but I truly am both of those things!

Alpha Omega Math Club is a local math club that competes in the ICTM regional and state math tournaments in Illinois.  As a fairly new team, they are impressive in the awards ceremonies, scoring high and taking some of the top spots even at the state level.

So, yes, I was both privileged and excited to photograph their informal awards ceremony and end-of-year celebration!

Having no spacious place to meet, this club is content to use the meeting room at a local restaurant to hold their weekly meetings and their celebration.  As my son always says, it's not "little," it's SUPERCHARGED!  Enjoy the highlights from their awards presentation and celebration.

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