I'm sure you can tell, if you've read these posts and seen all the images, that I've loved being a part of this special mother/daughter weekend hosted by SECHDF in Georgia.

But my absolute most favorite part of these busy two days was taking mother/daughter portraits. I was blessed to have a room just for me right off the main foyer in the church where the event was held.

I set up my portable portrait studio, and was able to use the natural light coming through a north window. All throughout the weekend, moms and their daughters came in to have their pictures taken together.
I can't begin to describe how special it was to meet every single lady, and to have the chance to photograph them. Many of them did not have photos of themselves together. I was able to give them that!

Even more special, SECHDF blessed each mother/daughter(s) group from the conference with a 5x7 print from these mini portrait sessions!

Here are some of my favorite portraits. Some are sweet, some are fun, and yes--of course some are a little goofy! I loved being able to let some of the moms and/or daughters have a little fun in order to capture beautiful moments with them.
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