I look forward to this annual two-day event, held in Georgia and hosted by SECHDF. I love all aspects of this event, from the host family (they're awesome), to the workshops, craft sessions, meals, fellowship, encouragement, and the Mother/Daughter Tea, which is the grand finale of the weekend.

Because it spans two days, and because there are so many candid images to capture, I've separated the food imagery into its own post here. Chef Gregory outdoes himself year after year, providing delicious meals, but especially creating amazing desserts for the tea on Saturday afternoon.
Suffice it to say that the food is wonderful--they fed me, for sure! During the tea, however, I was so busy shooting not only the food but the table settings, people, and musicians, that I did not get but one or two of the dessert specialties so beautifully created for all the ladies in attendance.

I'm thinking that for next year's event, I should write "dessert shall be provided" into my contract...

All kidding aside, I really am happy to be the behind-the-scenes gal who takes pictures without getting in the way. Beautiful images are my truly sweet reward!

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